Construction Ear/ Eye Wear

Electronic Ear/ Eye Protective Wear for construction workers with built in mic and video camera for easy communication + efficiency for construction team.  Gear works in tandem with Supervisors APP allowing the supervisor to monitor and manage many construction sites effortlessly and seamlessly.

Design Process

salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged).jpg
483 sketching s.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 6.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 7.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 9.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 15.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 13.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 17.jpg
salmon_wilson_processBook_PD483 (dragged) 8.jpg